A Back-Up Plan...

Have you heard of Ameriplan? Probably. I've heard of this company a long time ago...literally years ago. It's one of the companies I read about when I was just starting to look for a work at home job. One of the regulars in the chat board I frequented to was doing it. Per his account, he's able to stay at home mainly because of Ameriplan. I was this close in giving it a try but changed my mind because I kinda' realized I wasn't good in sales. I don't think that I'd be able to sell anything if my life depended on it...so I chickened out. Good thing I stumbled upon some other work at home opportunities.

Anyway, Ameriplan is a discount dental and health plan. It's not insurance but it's a good alternative if one cannot afford the regular cost of insurance. I would say many people can benefit from it especially now that we are facing such hard times. A lot of people nowadays go without any health plan, much less a dental plan. I cannot blame them. At times like this, we have to make hard choices and one of them is where to spend the money that we have. Sadly for many insurance is just not on top of the list. Fortunately, we are not in that situation. But if I know of somebody who is looking for a back-up plan as far as medical or dental plan is concerned, I'd let them know about Ameriplan. It's the next best thing to insurance.


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