Today is my youngest brother's birthday. I had a long chat with him last night and it's mostly during at times like this that I realize how much I miss my family back home. The camaraderie, the childhood jokes that no one else in this world find funny are only some of the things that came flooding back to me while we were on the phone. Hopefully I'll be able to see them sooner than planned. Anyway, my brother's birthday also signals that half of this month is done. Back there, they're already talking about Christmas. Back here, Christmas is down in the list since we still have Thanksgiving & Halloween to think about. Oh and how I can forget, Black Friday! The biggest day for sale hunters! I am not a Black Friday follower simply because it's way too crowded for me. I'd rather sit home in front of my computer and look for special sales like a January Clearance or the now famous Cyber Monday. To me, nothing beats shopping in the comfort of my my jammies with a cup of hot cocoa.


J said…
happy birthday sa bunso. at talgang paskong pasko na sila sa atin. dito matagal pa at ang daming chechebureche bago dumating.

Friday na ulit. wishing you a relaxing weekend. kami bahay lang at tamad na naman akong lumarga dahil biglang guminaw dito.

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