Downgrade & Upgrade...

We’ve been a customer of Direct TV for the last several years now. Just recently, they even gifted us with a 3-month free subscription on several of their channels that we don’t normally subscribe to. I guess they’re trying to keep us as their customer. Sadly, we’re actually planning in discontinuing the subscription soon. We tried to list down the pros and the cons of continuing with it and the cons far outweigh the pros at this time. Hubby already put an antenna in the attic. We tried what channels we can get with just the antenna and it’s not too bad. We’ll give a try and see what happens. If we realize we’d rather have cable services, then we’d probably consider subscribing to one again.

After this latest cost-cutting step, we’re thinking of improving our home security system though. So it’s not all cost-cutting for us. We’re just trying to prioritize putting those we consider more important on top of the list and to us, the security of our home is much more important than having cable. We currently have a home security system in place which is part of the contract when we had the house built. Hubby wants to ‘up’ the system but we have to pay extra of course. We’re still deciding if we’d stay with the same company or find another one that is more affordable like home security daphne. They have 3 different packages and they’re all under $50 a month. I would really like to have our security system upgraded soon so when hubby is out of town, I will that much needed peace of mind.


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