For some reason, Wednesday makes me happy. It seems [to me at least] that when Wednesday comes rolling in, the rest of the week just goes by quickly. It's probably all in my mind but still...anything to perk you up, right?

It's been a slow day to me so far in terms of work. The past couple of days were a bit crazy because I barely had time to breathe in between work. That makes today a very much welcome 'breather'. The day is still young so I won't say it's a slow day but I'm happy to get that much needed break. It doesn't mean that I've been idle though. I had the usual chores around the house that I finished earlier than usual. Now all I'm thinking about is what else to make for dinner. We're having some fish and asparagus on the side but I need another side dish and I can't think of anything else. It would have been easier if we were in the Philippines because that side dish will definitely be RICE! But we're not so I need to come up with something to substitute for the rice. Hmm....

Anyway, I hope you're having a great Wednesday! Two more days and it's going to be....FRIDAY! Yay!


J said…
oh yeah!!!! ang bilis na ng araw. before we know it matatapos na ang september tapos pasko na sinta ko bwahahaha. biglang napa-isip tuloy sa kakainin. 7:00 p.m.na ha at hindi ko pa pinag-isipan ganun ka spontaneous ang aking kusina hahaha.

hey tuks may pasaway ba dito at biglang may I delete ka ng comment? pansin ko lang.
Ciela said…
Hello Huling! and hello din, J! hehe.. Sorry ha? Delete ko yung comment ko kasi mali ang term na nagamit ko. Ask ko kasi dun kung kailan magno-normal school si E when what I meant was the regular school. Ehh.. nahiya tuloy ako ke Huling.
Sensya na po! :(

Btw, Huling no rice meal ka na rin? Di ko yata kaya yun a. Americanized ka na nga! hehe..

Thursday na today! Isang tulog na lang TGIF na nman.

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