No Updates?

The weekend passed and I wasn't able to update here. What gives? Let's just say I was pre-occupied. At least my mind was. I wanted to go somewhere to look for stuff but that didn't happen. Instead we were cooped up at home. The reason? The little one was nursing a cold. We suspect she got the virus from her evaluator's house because she started feeling the sore throat the day after her evaluation. She's doing a lot better. It seems that everytime she catches a bug, it stays with her for a week then it's gone. I'm glad it does not stay longer than that but then again, hubby and I always make it a point to stay on top of it because we don't want her being sick for an extended period of time.

As usual, I was the worried one around here waking up in the middle of the night to check on her. I remember her asking her Dad one time why I worry so much about her. Dad's reply...that's what Moms do. I guess that sums it up. But like I said, she's a lot better now. I guess I can go back to being...being...busy? Like I wasn't already, eh?

So it's officially FALL now. There has been some slight change in the weather but nothing worth raving about. It actually rained quite a bit yesterday so our 'new plants' had a field day. I heard it won't be raining much in the coming days so it's a good thing it rained as much as it did in the last couple of days.

I read/heard that there's a big typhoon wreaking havoc in the Philippines right now. I hope it doesn't do much damage....not another Ondoy I'm praying. For everyone out there. Stay safe! Hopefully this latest calamity will go away soon!


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