Scrubs & The List...

When my nephew started his residency in his university hospital, he requested me to find him some neat looking scrubs he could wear. I don't feel comfortable shopping for somebody else's clothes so I instead of choosing the scrubs for him I just sent him the link for and asked him to just choose ones he like and I'd get them for him. Since he's halfway across the globe he figured it would be cheaper if I just buy them here then send them to him in one of the boxes I send over there anyway. That request was made a couple of years ago. Up until now, he has yet to send me the list of the scrubs he chose from the site I sent him. Hmmm....

A few weeks ago was his birthday so I planned in calling him to greet him. Luckily, his sister was online so instead of calling, we did a video chat. The birthday boy was still on duty when I called so I had to wait for him. After almost an hour of chatting with family, he finally arrived. His first question was: Where are my scrub sets??? Oh well...I explained to him that all these months I've been waiting for him to send me the list of the ones he chose but no list came. Apparently, doctors get busy and when that happens, scrubs usually don't become a priority. I just asked him again to check the website I sent him then send me a list of the ones he wants me to get for him. Until then...there's not much I can do.


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