Taking Advantage

The husband is what I call our 'McGyver'. He can literally fix everything. Believe it or not, if a shirt needs a button, he would be the one doing it, not me. I can do it but not as good. Years ago we couldn't find a pillow case that would fit the little one's hotdog pillow so he bought some fabric and made one. I have no clue how to make one...LOL. We never had to hire any handyman to fix anything around the house because he does it himself. The only problem is time because he also holds a regular job.

Anyway, I am not the only that calls on him when something needs fixin'. His brothers & sisters [and friends] do the same thing. One time a brother who he hasn't heard from for a long time called out of the blue. Why? To ask if my husband knows where to find polaris sportsman parts for his ATV. I was very surprised he had to ask my husband that when he could have simply gone online to look for it...and I thought he was calling to catch up. Hubby said that it's easier to pick up the phone than search for something. Since this brother knows that the husband so readily helps, he thought he'd do just that...call hoping hubby would look for the parts for him. This happens all the time. People [friends and relatives alive] would call him asking for favors, questions, and what nots. I swear they only call when they need something from him...and it somehow irks me. Can you say 'taking advantage'?


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