The 'Teacher in Me'...

Today is the last day of summer here. That means tomorrow is officially fall. Already? Before we know it will be winter, eh? Then the season of giving will be rolling in. Ha! Well, from what I’ve been reading and hearing, a lot of people have actually started shopping for the coming holidays as early as, um…January? Yep, that early. I can’t blame them because it’s quite stressful to do last minute shopping. I’ve been there and I don’t like it a bit but it happens. You know what’s more stressing to me when it comes to shopping for gifts? It’s choosing the best gift for the receiver. I want the gift to be useful and not something that will either be thrown or be ‘re-gifted’ because the person has no use for it. This is why I always go with an educational toy when I have to give a child something not only for the holiday season but for any occasion.

It used to be that shopping for an educational toy took a lot more time and money. I remember combing the stores for such toys when my nieces and nephews were still young. I could have easily bought them a truck or a doll and be done with it but my being a teacher always kicked in and I wouldn’t settle for anything less than an educational toy. Today, it’s quite easy to find these toys. It seems technology has opened the eyes of toy makers and made them realize that a toy can be fun and be a learning tool at the same time. I just sent a box full of educational toys to me nieces kids.


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