Tube Bending


That's basically what I said when the hubs asked me to do something for him. Like I've been mentioning in some of my posts here, they're very busy at work right now. His trip out of state 2 days of last week didn't help them at all as far as deadline is concerned. Normally, he does the searching, mostly online, when they need some supplies or services for one of their bowls. This time around, he doesn't have the time to do that...thus the request. He wanted me to look for a company that does tube bending. Huh? I actually asked him why he couldn't just do it himself since it's a tube. How hard can that be, right? Apparently it's not that simple if you're doing some big machines like the one they're working on right now and if you need several of them. So, I went to "work" unpaid one at that. It didn't take me long to find Delafield Corporation tube bending.

After reading what they can do, I was pretty confident I found the right one. Well, I did...but not really. My 'boss' said it's what they're looking for but because of time constraints, he'd rather find one closer here...within the state if possible. He asked me to bookmark the site though for future reference. Oh well...I guess I kinda' did good even if he couldn't use this company yet. At least I found one that does what they're looking for, right?


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