Weeks of Hardwork

I may be 'bias' but I think it looks pretty good, doncha think?? Yep, that's our newly 'renovated' flower beds. Well, more like newly planted since it's the first time we've actually planted something on it. It's looking like this and that's no thanks to me [well, maybe a little]. It's mostly the husband's labor of love. He's been working on them every chance he gets....which is not much because he's been rather busy at work. But like they say...if there's a will, there's a good looking flower bed/s! Ha!
That's how it's going to be for now. My 'personal gardener' still has some plans with it but for now, he's done. What can I say...I'm proud of what he has done...that's why I have to post a picture of it. ^_^


Ciela said…
Hulinggggg!!! Ang ganda ng iyong palasyo! Ang husay ng iyong hardinero, artistic! Katuwa naman si M! He still finds time to work on the garden kahit super busy sa paghakot ng kaperahan!! Lol! Saludo ako sa kanya, dalawang kamay pa! Really good job!

Have a wonderful wednesday! Ingat lagi!
J said…
pwedeng ma-hire ang 'personal gardener' mo in the future???? hahaha. I'm impressed kaya baka pag pumayag na ang alaga kong magkaroon ng lawn to till pwedeng imbitahan si M (lol).

disney bound kayo? I thought sa DC ka pwede mag renew? that is much better kasi mas malapit. akala ko pa man din magkakaroon ng snowy winter si E. my Phil. passport has been expired for almost 4 years. hindi naman kasi nagagamit for travel kasi for property acquisition at future use na siya talaga. although dapat required yata to present upon every entry sa Pinas kaya lang na-expire kasi kaya 2 trips ko hindi na presenta hahaha. mukhang I will pay a hefty penalty. i still have to find out.

hope you're having a relaxing Sabado.

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