A Well Deserved Trip

It's been almost 4 years since we last went to Disney World in Orlando. It's about a 4-hour drive from where we live so one would think we'd be there at least every 2 years, eh? Well, such is not the case. During that trip we didn't bother to look for Disney World Hotels because we opted to just do what we thought was a smart move...a round trip. Big mistake. We didn't realize that the drive would take so much of our energy and time that we barely enjoyed the experience. We got there mid-day and left the place around 8 that night. We got home after midnight. Never again was my chant that night. We promised ourselves that next time we decide to do it again, we will definitely stay in one of those Disney World Hotels that we see being advertised all the time.

Anyway, in about 4 weeks, we are heading down to Orlando again. The primary reason for the trip is more like business in nature. I need my passport renewed and the Orlando office is the nearest one where I can do that. My appointment will be on a weekend so I came up with this bright idea that maybe we should visit Disney World again. The little one [and the Mom, maybe?] deserves to see and enjoy the place after all these years. This time around, I'm booking one of the Disney World Hotels not far from the attraction itself. I already told the husband about my plan and he couldn't agree more. I know the little one will be thrilled to hear that one of her ardent wishes will be granted in less than a month but I'm not telling her yet. I'll wait until the last minute because I don't want to be badger with questions about it right now.


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