After the Flood...

Flood is never fun. I grew up in a place where flooding happens quite often and that’s because of the river situated right by our backyard that swells up everytime heavy rain happens. Unfortunately, flood has again taken over our yard as well as my brothers’ houses in the vicinity a couple of weeks ago. Not a single house on that side of town was spared as usual. I called my sister earlier to check on them and she said that water subsided already. The hard work of cleaning up after days of being under water now begins and it will take a while before it’s all done. I’ve sent my niece the link for as they may find the information there useful while they go through the arduous task of cleaning up after days of being flooded.

My sister said that no major damage had been done in all the 3 houses for now anyway. They were able to put most of their stuff to safety before the water came so that’s a good thing. The worst part of this flooding according to her is the after smell that the stagnant water left in the houses because the water stayed longer this time compared to the previous floods. I am hoping my niece will be able to find some tips from the how to water damage link I sent her to help get rid of that unpleasant smell they’ve been inhaling for a few days now. I’m just glad they’re finally able to get out of the house now after days of being stranded because there was no way to get out of there but by boats.


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