Another Week...

What else is new, right?

The weekend was a ho-hum for the little one and the big one [moi!] because we just stayed home while the bigger one ~ man of the house aka Daddy ~ went to work the whole weekend. He had to because their clients are down here for a few days while they do a run-off. That's when a client comes for visit to see how well the machine they commissioned hubby's company to build works. Fortunately we've been having a very cool weather the last week or it hubby would have been worried about their clients being comfortable in their shop. I know for a fact that on a normal day, it's very hot in that shop. Hubby has been planning in getting a spot cooler for quite a while now and I really have no idea why he hasn't actually. I actually saw him browsing online for these coolers and I thought he was about to buy one at one point.

Anyway, our weather will be back to the 'normal' fall weather in a couple of days...just in time for their clients to leave. When I say normal fall weather, that's temperatures running up to the upper 80s actually. So yes, a spot cooler is really needed in any shop down here. In hubby's case, he doesn't only need it for their clients that come for a visit but especially for him who stays in that 'oven' of a place for at least 10 hours a day. I'm not very fond of the cold weather, but if only for his comfort when he works, I cannot wait for winter to come. And that's with all honesty on my part. I am home most of the time anyway and when it gets too cold for my comfort, I just turn on the heater and it's problem solved for me.


J said…
take two ito ha at error yung unang comment.I hope it goes through. bakit ba hindi ko na copy hehe.

si M ginagawang workweek ang weekend. ayaw paawat ang mama hahaha.move na lang siya dito kasi malamig.

hope your week goes well and say hello na rin to your student.
Ciela said…
Wahhh.. na-take two din ako!!

Anyway, ang sipag talaga ni M. Hinay lang baka bumigay ang health. But I’m sure, may alagang pagmamahal on the side enough to serve as his vitamins. Hehe..

Buti pa kyo, getting cooler na ang weather! Dito warm pa din despite some rains.

Hope you are having a wonderful sunny day!
Ciela said…
Huling, dinelete ko na lang yung isa. Nagdoble naman pala ito. Actually, I had another one before this. Yun ang di pumasok. Ang gulo ko ba? Hayz..

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