Arrived Safely!

I got a message from my niece that the box I sent back home arrived in one piece. I sent it at the end of August and it arrived to its destination today. I figured it would arrive sometime this month and I was right. It's supposed to be my Christmas presents to them so Christmas came early, eh? Most of the contents of the box are actually educational toys that the little one no longer needs so I thought I'd send it to the little ones over there to take advantage of. The toys are practically brand new because it's only the little one that played with them and they were never out of the house. The original batteries that came with the toy are still good although I had to take them out for I'm afraid they may 'bleed' on the custom t-shirts I put in there en route to their destination. Of course I also had to put some things for the other members of my family. I sent the usual lotion & spray for the women while the men will get some of the t-shirts that took me forever to find.

I thought I got everyone covered but I was mistaken. It's actually not my fault because the 'newest' member to the family was added without my prior knowledge so I wasn't able to get something for her. But there are some stuff there that my sister said she can probably hand to her like one of the lotion or one of the custom t-shirts since they're not specifically for men only. That's the good thing about shirts, they're uni-sex. That's why I always put some in the box whenever I send one back home because I just never know if I'd forget someone like what happened this time around. Oh well...I'm just glad that everything I put in the box was all in one piece. I was afraid the crystal flowers that I sent would break. So glad they didn't.


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