Chillin' on a Sunday

I guess that's more like what's happening in other states but unlike those states, we're not experiencing snow today. But we're still chillin' at home today since we were out the whole day yesterday hopping from one store to another. We went out with a mission find a PC for me. We didn't quite fulfill the mission...instead we came home with something else...a new TREE! So it's not a total loss. Oh...and we got the PC also but online. What a surprise....NOT!

Right now, the little one is busy carving her pumpkin in the back porch. I was trying to help her earlier but she wants to do it all by herself so I'm letting her do it. I just check on her every now and then.

Okay...the pumpkin is done. She goofed up and cut some parts she shouldn't but she somehow saved it. Here's the finished product...

I asked her to ask Dad to help her but it's supposed to be her surprise to him so she refused to ask for help...LOL. She likes suprising Dad....good thing he's surprised! Or was he? Ha!


J said…
laptop mo, busted na? ang laptop naging tree haha.

question: mahirap ba mag carve ng pumpkin? I haven't tried it myself. ang pamangkin ko independent huh? she did a great job.

ang lamig dito, type ko ng lumipad papunta ng Africa hahaha.

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