ChipMunks & Chippettes

There they are. Busy having a conversation...according to the little one anyway. Dad ordered them online and they arrived today. Of course the little one was ecstatic when she realized why the mail lady knocked on our door. She's been playing with them since I took them out of the box and she carries at least one around with her. She even sat Alvin on the table while she's having her dinner and sat one of the Chippetes...not sure which one...on her desk while she's doing her work. She's nuts about these characters at the moment and I don't see it waning anytime soon. She even listens to their music when she gets the chance. As long as she doesn't sing like them, then it's fine by me for her to listen to "munks" music. She knows that if she starts singing like them, then her 'munks' listening time will no longer exist.

One day she can't wait to be a grown up, the next day she's so into these characters. I'm glad though that she still fancies kids stuff. It means she's still our little baby...


Anonymous said…
Darraaaaaa!!!!! Komusta na ka? Aku oyni okay naku, at least miyare ne ing responsibilidad ko. makapanghinayang lamu kasi deng anak ngeni bala mu iisipan da isi mu ing biye.
J said…
ang cute nila! pwede makipag-laro?

we had the first snowfall today, ang ginaw na dito. I can't take it, oktobre pa lang kainis.but wala akong K na magreklamo hahaha.

yesterday's lakwatsa was good kahit cooler than normal at least it was sunny. don't worry nag behave naman ako hehe.

hope you're having a great Sabado. sana lang bumili ka na ng replica ng costume ni E,at kailangan isuot mo on Monday hahaha.

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