A Degree for a Better Future

Shocked! That was my initial reaction when I learned that my 19 year old nephew really got married. I saw his status update in a social network as married but brushed it aside thinking it was just some kind of a joke. It wasn’t because it was his father that told me it was for real. This kid postponed going to college because he wanted to work first. My brother’s job doesn’t pay much but he’s willing to work hard to send them to college but his son made the choice to work first so he let him. Now that he’s married, I just don’t see him going to college…at least not in a regular college. He should probably try Walden University’s online degree programs. I think that if he decides to pursue college in the future, he should learn about Walden university and what it can offer him. He is working right now and I think that’s something he couldn’t give up now that he has his own family. But I also think that he should get a degree for a better future.

My oldest brother also got married at 19. He has a good job now and is quite successful. That’s didn’t happen easy though. He went through quite a lot to get where he is right now. He stayed with my parents with his wife and 2 kids in order to survive. My father was very supportive of them but it was very hard for him as well since he could barely support us. Anyway, my brother found a good job and is still at that job to this day. His only problem at one point was he couldn’t get promoted because he lacked a college degree. In order to get far in his job, he decided to go to school at night and his days off. WaldenU.edu wasn’t in existence then yet so he had to go to do it the way it was done before online schools were around…go to a regular school where he had to spend most of his time commuting to and from school. He was able to finish the degree [and get the promotion] but it took a long time. I guess my nephew is luckier than my brother in that aspect. At least he can now have the luxury of attending school in the comfort of his own home should he decide to go for that college degree…which I’m hoping he would.


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