More like 'daydreamin' actually.

After that short [very short] 'getaway' we had a couple of weeks ago, I can't help but think about the next 'getaway' our little family might have in the future. The 2 burning questions are always - when & where will it be? The very short getaway we had was only a couple of hours away from where we are and it was just a side-trip so to speak. I am hoping that the next one will be a bit longer and a little bit farther from home. But we just couldn't go on a longer getaway now because of hubby's busy schedule at work at the moment. Much as we want to go somewhere a little bit farther, we just can't right now...even though we really need to do so. I'm just a simple person with very simple wants but it is during these times when I feel like we can use a real vacation that I wish we have the means to rent a private jet to whisk us away even just for a day or two. At least with a private jet we can relax on the way to whatever destination we have unlike when we're driving ourselves...well, not me but the husband.

Speaking of renting private jets...that in itself is a DREAM vacation for anyone. Imagine being able to chill and relax in the comfort of your 'own' [at least while you're renting it anyway] plane? I've never been in one but I read somewhere that if one wants to rent or book or charter a private jet, planeclear would be the place to go. One of the things I really don't like when booking a trip is being left in the dark by my booking agent. That won't happen with planeclear because the booking process is totally transparent which means no surprises for passengers. I like being part of the planning process and with this company, that seems to be the case. So if and when I get the chance to rent a private jet, this place would the first I will check.

Time to wake up now! Ciao!


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