Future Writer?

I was finally able to renew my passport over the weekend. Instead of flying out of state, I was able to take advantage of the outreach program that the embassy has so we only had to drive about 2 hours to get to the venue, a hotel. Since I don't drive, hubby had to be with me to do it, with the little one in tow, of course. My appointment was in the afternoon so we had plenty of time to make it without waking up real early. We made it to the place with more than an hour to spare. I went straight to the registration even if I was that early. Daddy and the little one wandered around the hotel. Since we had plans of staying overnight in the area hubby inquired about their accommodations. It was good enough for us so they checked in while I was waiting for my turn to be called.

As soon as I was done, I went to our room with a very happy little one opening the door for me. We don't stay at hotels often so she's thrilled whenever we stay in one...I'm quite the opposite. Anyway, she handed me the hotel's notepad with a short poem she wrote while waiting for me, along with some doodles, of course. Her short poem goes:

"Out in the forest in the sunlight,
Under trees and more trees with leaves so bright!
Moles in holes, ladybugs in groups,
Foxes are curled, and hunters in troops.
Creatures and plants never seen before,
Out in the forest, a forest I adore."

She likes to write...a lot. She has stories written and illustrated in A4 papers and notebooks. They are silly stories alright but we find her stories fascinating. Her biggest fan is Daddy that he even gives her a dollar now everytime she writes [by hand] a story which keeps her inspired to write even more. I've been keeping her stories in folders and I have a lot of them already. It's added clutter in the bookshelves but I don't care. Maybe one day we will need a book printing company to print all those out, eh?

Printing a book is not as hard as it used to be because there are companies now that would print as little as 25 books. This means that an amateur writer does not need the backing of a big publisher to have his works published. All one needs now is the talent and some good materials and one can be well on his way to become a published author. Of course it's not that simple but it's a lot more attainable now than before. Our little one may or may not become a writer herself. But if ever she decides to become one, we know she can always avail of this opportunity and get her works published. Maybe....


Weng Zaballa said…
Hi Mommy J! Wow! your little lady is a brilliant writer in the making. I love her poems. Hope you can share her other works here.

By sharing this your just gave me an idea to encourage Thea to practice writing, too. As of now she's more interested in reading and music :)
Ciela said…
At poet pa sya!! Very nice poem! Nag-iisip tuloy ako kung si E lang ba ang gising nung nagsabog ng mga talents and beauty ang Diyos sa mga bata. Aba eh, parang sa kanya lang yata nkatingin si Lord ah! hahaha! Pero seriously, I think me pinagmanahan lang yan.O di ba!

Naalala ko tuloy itong si dawtah ko dito, mahilig din magsulat at magbasa kahit nung maliit pa, she used to write me a letter pag nagtatampo. Nakakatuwa lang kasi lalo na at bata pa nun. Hayyz, those were the days! hehe..

Can't wait to hear about your escapades. It's already midweek..lapit na naman TGIF! Yay!
J said…
there's a budding poet in the house. add the fact that she is also a future fashionista and alahera hahaha. magkasundo talaga kami ng pamangkin ko, minus sa paging fashionista ha kasi hindi ako nun.

hala Tuks, I'm sorry to hear about the flooding in your area. how's the family coping? I hope they are ok despite the flooding. I know how tough it is, the clean up and the damage to properties. sana naman bumaba na yung tubig.

been busy here too, as in laging gala kasi yung boss ko off this week for his annual physical and at the same time Jewish High holiday (Yom Kippur) kasi this Friday.

this week flew by so quick. glad to know na your passport is now renewed. I have to do mine soon,almost 3 years na yatang expired kaso wala pa akong picture.

I guess you must have been to sea world too. for sure my pamangkin had a blast.

siya and don't worry too much.

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