Guy & Pip....

Vi & Bot...LOL!

Laughing at myself here. I have no idea what came over me today but I've been busy searching You Tube for videos of these 2 'love teams'. Okay...for those who are not from the Philippines & my era, you probably have no idea who these people are. They were famous loveteams when I was growing up...mostly in the 70s. I was actually very young to follow them during their 'hey days' but my aunts on my mother side were die-hard followers so they had everything about their idols. I would also sat with them while they were watching their idols on TV. What do you know, they were etched in my memory. Who would ever forget Maria Leonora Theresa??? OMG! Sad [or maybe funny], I can still remember the videos I see on You Tube because I saw them when I was 5 or 6 years old.

Anyway, I haven't finished a lot of work because of this so I better close You Tube before I forget that I have work to do. Hmmm....maybe after watching another one? Oh my...I need HELP!


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