Job Hunting

Not me but a couple of people I know. One of them is a former student who I also privately tutored when I decided to quit regular teaching and do private tutoring instead so I could pursue a masters degree. Her parents let me stay in their vacant townhouse free of charge while I tutor their daughter so I developed a close relationship with the family. Anyway, this girl just quit her job for reasons unknown to me. She asked me if I could help her find something in her field - graphic design - although she's willing to try anything as long as it's something she can do. I wonder if she's willing to take on Veterinary Services Jobs though. I'm not sure if she'd be willing to work with animals because I'm seeing quite a few vacancies along that line. I should probably ask her if she wants to try that while she's in-between jobs. Who knows she may just find working with animals both enjoyable and fulfilling. I know for a fact that she loves dogs and cats. I'm just not sure if she'd be willing to work with animals in general. Hopefully she does because the field is quite promising.


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