My Wallet Fascination

Today's weather was the total opposite of last weekend's weather. The temperature barely reached 80 degrees just like last weekend but it's all dry today....and tomorrow as well. But even if it was raining last weekend, we decided to head out to do some spur of the moment window shopping and a little bit of shopping. Our original plan was to look at some point & shoot digital cameras because ours is a already acting up so we decided to find a replacement for it already. Just like any other shopping trips, we ended up buying more than what we planned for. I got a couple of dresses while the little one got a pair of boots. Yep, boots. She's been asking for a pair so Dad got her a pair. Hmm...can you say, spoiled? I also ended up checking on some wallets because the one I have already looks so worn out so I want to replace it already. I didn't find one to my liking so I didn't get one...yet.

If some women like bags, I actually like wallets more. I always have. Everytime I am at the store and I have the time to look around, I always gravitate towards the wallets. I don't always buy one, I just like looking at them. But if I see one that I really like, then I would buy it, no questions asked. The funny thing is, I used to have more than 1 wallet in my purse when I was still working. I guess I was trying to make it appear that I actually 'need' the wallets that I buy even if I didn't. That's the difference with having a bag collection and a wallet collection. You can use 3 or 4 of the latter at the same time and it won't look odd because they're in your purse. Why not try using 3 or 4 of the former...I'm sure you'll get some odd looks out there. Ha!


HONEY said…
Hi ate.. My fascination includes slipper and watches..And it's a real odd to wear 3 or 4 of them at the same time.. hahahha! Just sharing...

Anyways hope you have a blissfully Sunday evening..God bless!


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