New Career?

One of my nieces is gearing up to be a lawyer. She's actually almost done with the degree except for one more requirement that she could have done earlier this year. She thought she had it all taken cared of but it turned out that wasn't the case so she had to wait one more year before she can take the bar exams. In the meantime, she has taken interest in Court Reporting. She said that it's not the same as being a lawyer but learning more about this other profession has surely been interesting and has been keeping her busy while trying to finish that last requirement.

I was interested in Court Reporting myself at one point. Although I am more interested in one aspect of transcription. I believe I even tried my hand on that at one point but it didn't really pan out because the company I was hired to work at home from had some problems with its other employees so it had to close shop. I still come across legal transcription in my current job and I must say that court reporting would have been a good fit to my other gigs. I am still enjoying what I'm doing right now but if there comes a point in my life - career wise that is, when I feel like I want some new challenges, I may just revisit my interest in Court Reporting and give it a try once more. I'm sure it would be a very interesting and a fulfilling career.


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