Nothing To Do?

My morning schedule has suddenly opened up [until further notice that is] because the server at work is going through some kind of maintenance. I only found out about it this morning so I didn't plan in doing anything else. That doesn't mean that I have nothing to do. Oh no...that will never happen. As a matter of fact, I just got an email from my 'boss' [hint: married to him] asking if I already looked for curt trailer hitches for his trailer. Uh oh! Not really. I was tasked to do this months ago I think but it completely slipped my mind because we haven't used the trailer since the, yep, hitch on it broke. It was actually an accident that it broke. We were on our way to the store to pick up some plants for the yard. But as we were pulling out the driveway, hubby felt that something was wrong with the trailer which was supposed to be hitched to the car. Lo and behold, it wasn't. Part of the hitch broke and trailer was barely hanging to the car. Good thing we weren't on the road yet or it could have been a disaster in the making. If hubby didn't realize it sooner, it's very possible we could have had an accident. But that's my 'boss'...he pays attention to what's happening in, out and around the car when he's driving. I'm not sure I'll be that attentive if and when I start taking the wheel myself.


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