Our SeaWorld Experience

To take advantage of our trip for my passport renewal in Orlando, we decided to swing by SeaWorld. It was sort of a last minute plan because we didn't really know if we could stay in the area for more than a day but we did. Hubby's been working 7 days a week so it was a nice short break from work. The venue for the passport renewal was in a hotel in downtown Orlando so we decided to just check in that hotel instead of going somewhere else. Let me just say it wasn't the best decision we made. I'd probably make a separate post about that hotel stay as well as another post about the passport renewal itself. Sadly, both experiences were not very good. It's a good thing we decided to go to SeaWorld or that trip would have been more of a bummer than anything.

We went to SeaWorld on a Sunday. As expected the place was packed. But it's a big place so there was room for everyone. We made it there between 10 & 11 in the morning and stayed until around 8 PM. Yep, we closed the place ourselves...LOL. There was quite a few places to see and a bunch of walking to do that's why it took the whole day to do it all. It was also hard to navigate the place because it's our first time. The map was of little help because everything kinda' looked to the same to us. But we survived and as the hubs put it: It was a nice little get-away for us. The little one was the happiest [or was it the hubby?], of course. One minute she's posing and acting like a little lady, the next minute she's back to being an excited little girl especially when she saw Elmo and his gang. She's at that stage when she's not even sure if she's a kid or a young lady already. It's amusing to us actually because we see her raw reactions to everything.

Anyhooo...here are some pics we took while we were roaming the ground...


J said…
my pamangkin is still a pink lady. grabe at ang tangkad nga,and her hair ang haba pa din. glad to know that you enjoyed your mini getaway kahit may minor glitches.

F's bakasyon is over. two days to go and back to the old grind ulit at wala na ulit akong playmate pag daytime hahaha.

enjoy your weekend. hopefully, walang work si M para enjoy ulit ang pamangkin ko.

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