Stress-Free Week...

Maybe? At least that's what I'm hoping the husband will have next week. They had a pretty intense week because they had some clients pretty much the whole week. I believe this is the most intense I've seen them yet since they started this business. Their clients wanted to make sure the machines are working according to the specifications they set up. From what I understand, the end user of the machine is a big company so they're a wee bit more strict. I heard they were satisfied with the product so that's a good thing.

Today, hubby spent his time doing what he usually does...working on things he wasn't able to do while the customers were around like looking for degreasers they need for the shop. I've been to that place and degreasers are probably one of the most used item in there. They don't need them only for the machines and tools they use but on most surfaces in the shop. Looking for degreasers is only one of the many things he had to do though. A lot of things have been put in the back burner because of this visit that he may even have to work on the weekend...again. Oh well, that's the life of a small business owner. They have to do everything by their own in order to make it especially during this tough times.


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