Surprised is the Word!

One of the most memorable part of my life is probably the part that I spent in Taiwan. Beside being given the chance to teach some amazing students, I also met some incredible people who still remain my friends up to now. Sadly, I only get to see these friends now in pictures. One of these friends is now back home with her 2 children. She already has kids when we met. One was in middle school while the other one was in grade school when we were all in Taiwan. Her older child is a boy who was quite big for his age so my friend frequented big and tall mens clothes stores during those days. There weren't a lot of those stores in that country because an average man there is probably only 5'7" in height and about 150 pounds in weight.

But that's not the 'surprise' I'm referring to here. I haven't seen my friend's son in years. In my mind, he is still this kinda' heavy tall boy I used to teach. Imagine my surprise when I got a friend's request in one of the social networks from him. He is still quite tall for an Asian but he has lost quite a bit of weight and has matured [of course] in looks. I'm sure he still shops at some big and tall mens clothes stores back home because of his height but not because of his weight anymore. If he didn't introduce himself in his friend's request, I would have declined it because I definitely didn't recognize him. He is now a professional and has a stable job. I'm really glad to see how well he's doing now. I know how shy he was growing up probably because he felt out of place because of his built.


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