Thuderstorm Warning?

That's what we've been getting in the last couple of days. So far we've only experienced winds in this neck of the woods but no rain yet. I didn't water the plants yesterday because I really thought it was going to rain because it started drizzling as I was heading out to water them. Well, it didn't. Good thing the weather was mild so they weren't as parched compared to last week.

Anyway, it's still windy today. It's also really gloomy. Looks like it's finally going to rain...but who knows. The storm was supposed to happen yesterday/last night which would have brought us some heavy rains but it didn't I'll just wait and see. If it doesn't rain by 4, I'll be giving those plants some water for drinking. I don't want my 'landscaper'...'gardener' bite my head off now, do I?


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