Back to...

...summer? So it seems because I'm back to wearing shorts & shirt after weeks of being in either leggings or sweatpants. Hmmm....looks like mother nature is a wee bit confuse. And guess what? It rained this morning as well...totally weird. Just for the kick of it I called the husband to ask if he ordered some rain...tee hee.'s Thursday! Of course you know what comes next right? Weekend!!!! Oh....I meant Friday. Next week will be a short one because it will be Thanksgiving this coming Thursday. Usually, the Friday after TD is day off for the man of the house. If that's the case, the little one will have a field day because Dad will be home for 4 straight days...I guess she'll have 4 field days then? Ha!

I don't know yet what the plan is for our TD. Well, I do. It's just that we're waiting whether we'll have company or not. I'm guessing...NOT. But whichever it's fine by me. As long as the 3 of us are together I could care less whether we have company or not. Actually, it's a lot LESS stressful with just the 3 of us so I'm not really worried about it. We already have the 'bird'....birds I mean because we have 4 [I think..or is it 5?] in the freezer. Why? Because they've been on sale and hubs likes turkey so he's been getting 1 or 2 when he goes grocery shopping. He's funny that way.

Anyway, gotta go to work now. Have a productive Thursday! Goodluck to me on that actually...:)


J said…
buti pa kayo, warm. kami dito from rainy yesterday to seasonable 40's na kami at mukhang for good na yata. that is, if I believe Mr. weatherman.

nakabitin pa din Tuks. grabe at baka mauna akong atakihin sa puso sa kakahintay.

one week down pa lang sa yo.I didn't know it takes 2 weeks for results to come.

sige lang at ang kausap natin ay doctor katapat sa pagtanda hahaha.

hindi pa rin ba binibitawan ng pamangkin ko ang kupas na pink? baka mamaya hangang baywang na niya hahaha.

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