Coat Shopping

Two nights ago the husband was talking to his oldest sister on the phone. Just like any other time they speak, the idea of us going up there is always brought up. As soon as they hang up the phone, hubby said he wants to go up there...again. He always says that so I tend to just say okay. This time around I know he's serious because he really wants to go somewhere with snow ASAP. That's why I'm thinking of getting me some coats. I think I only have 1 coat thick enough for our coldest winter around here. I know I will freeze out there if I dare use that coat. So since yesterday, I've been browsing for coats online. I am looking mostly at plus size coats because I want to get bigger ones even if I'm not a plus size myself. Also, I noticed that a lot of the coats I like so far are only available in bigger sizes. What's up with that?

Anyway, I am also looking for coats for the little one since like me, she doesn't have any coats thick enough for snow. Hubby has some because he used to go up there before we got together. I actually thought of just using some of his in case I don't find any coat to my liking...which is impossible....LOL. My only problem right now is when to actually buy the coats I already found online. I know we will definitely take that trip at some point during this winter, I just don't know when exactly. I'd probably wait a couple of weeks more before I decide. I also want to check the local stores down here because I know they have some really nice plus size coats on sale last time we visited some stores. Hopefully they're still there when we get the chance to visit.


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