This is me today...

It started last night to the point that it made me sick. I have no idea what brought it but it's not a good feeling. I was already feeling weak throughout the day so when the dizziness hit me, it just made things worse. I stayed on my left side for the most part because as soon as I changed position, it would just start all over again.

It's a lot better today compared to last night. At least I can function...walk around and do some of the chores. I just couldn't get on the elliptical because I'm pretty sure I will get knocked off that big machine. Hopefully it will go away soon so I can go back to being normal again.


Ciela said…
Oh, what happened to you Huling? Hindi kaya na-over ss kasipagan yan?hehe.. Take a rest muna from your rounds on the elliptical. Baka instead maging fit ka eh lumala pa yan dizziness mo. Sana you are completely back in good shape by now.

AS usual, kailangan lagi ingat lang!

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