DIY For Now...

In the last few weeks or so, hubby and I have been talking about getting a replacement for our dependable but overused SUV. We've had this car since the little one was born and it racked up quite a few miles already so we figured it's time to 'retire' it already. But before we do that, we would like first have to find a way cut some corners in terms of our monthly spending. Right now the one bill we would really be glad to get rid of is the monthly mortgage we have for the other house that's been sitting idle for almost 4 years now. If we sell that house even without any profits, we could probably get us 2 new cars. But since it's next to impossible to actually sell a house right now, we're thinking we can probably refinance the house to at least reduce the monthly mortgage...then we can get us a new car.

Before attempting to refinance the house, we need to do some work on it first...mostly cleaning, in the house and around the property to boost its chance for approval. I'm now busy checking to see if I can find some helpful tips. I've been to this site before and it offers a lot of CLEANING tips which we definitely need because the house and everything in it have been left idle for so long. We thought leaving the furniture in it would help in selling it fast but it obviously hasn't helped. The furniture has been sitting there for as long as the house has been idle and we only cleaned them a couple of times since since we moved out so I definitely need some tips on how to get say the odor off of the couches. I also need some rug cleaning tips for the same reason I need the tips on how to clean the upholstery. I'm hoping I'll be able to find all the helpful tips on this site so we can start this 'latest' project we have maybe this weekend...I wish!

Seriously, I never thought things like upholstery & rug cleaning will be something I have to research about but that's all I've been doing for days now. We could probably hire a professional cleaning company to do it for us but we really don't want to spend any more money than what we are spending already for that house. Maybe when the real estate marked is in a better condition already and the chance of it being sold is much better, then we can probably pay a professional to deep clean the carpets, clean the upholstery and even power wash the house. As it is, we'll stick with the DIY for now. Thank goodness there is a site I can find tips on how to do some of these things myself.


J said…
end of the work week, end of the day, wala pa din ang aking hinihintay.

hay buhay!

sent you an email earlier.

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