In a Flash...

That fast and it's over. Yeah, I'm talking about the weekend of course. But as I always'll be here again in a few

We had a productive one [I think] since we were able to accomplish most of the things we wanted to accomplish. Believe it or not our Christmas tree is already up. There's of course a story behind it which I'll be sharing when the time is right...LOL. Anyway, one of 'goal' over the weekend was to find a topper for it...and we almost didn't find one. We went to 4 different stores and 3 or them didn't even have a topper on display. Instead I gravitated towards the plus size clothing section. As expected all of the stores we went to are having sales right now. I figured I might as well use my time looking for possible gifts this Christmas for my sisters-in law who are happily plus size ladies. Seriously. They are really happy they are on the 'healthy' [that's how they call it] side.

Sadly we weren't able to find the topper we went out to buy. I also wasn't able to find any clothes for my sisters. I still have enough time to do that anyway so it's okay. I may also need to talk to them first and ask for their sizes since it's been a while since I got them clothes. Maybe they're not as voluptuous anymore although I highly doubt it because dieting is not really in their vocabulary. Ha! As long as they're happy, then I'm happy for them. By the way, even my brothers are on the 'healthy' side as well. We used to be all skinny but I guess age has caught up with...our weights? With my brothers though, I actually encourage them to lose some weight because diabetes is in our family and for them to be heavy may not be good. I'm just hoping they listen to their body even if they don't listen to me.


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