It's Here!

Yep! The much awaited....weekend!

And it's not just an ordinary weekend here mind you. It's the weekend where we get a free hour...of sleep. Yay! For those on this part of the world, don't forget to "turn back" your clock an hour before going to bed on Saturday night. That means we get that extra hour of shut eye this weekend. Woo hoo....

No great plans for us this weekend. The man of the house will be home so the little one is all giddy because Dad will be around for 2 full days. It just tickles her to no end when he's home. For one, she can spend the time bugging him instead of me bugging her to clean her room/bathroom or finish her 'unfinished' worksheets...LOL. Well, that's the only way for me to finish my own chores...when she's doing something herself.

Anyway, it's time to take a break. Ciao!


J said…
ang free hour hindi ko naramdaman. basta tulog ako hehe.

hanggang bahay lang kami today. kakatamad lumabas kasi malamig na talaga.

enjoy the rest of your Linggo.

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