I guess with the videos I posted here in the past of the little one singing as early as when she was less than 2 years it's obvious that she likes music. Honestly, I don't know anybody who doesn't like music. Music may not like some people but that's beside the point...LOL. Kidding! Music is something introduced to most before being born. And once a baby is born, music is used to either soothe or put a baby to sleep. So yes, music is a great part of many people's lives...from the time we're born to the time we're...well, you know.

Singing is probably the favorite past time of Filipinos. They say that a party without a sing-along [karaoke, videoke] is not complete. I agree of course. I actually taught the little one here how to sing-along even before she can talk in straight sentences. Right now she wants to learn how to speak my language. I started teaching her years ago but she'd forget it because she doesn't have the practice. To familiarize her with our language, I asked her to listen to Tagalog songs. Yes, music again. She tries to sing along with it but she's not very successful yet. I am hoping that before we go back to the Philippines for a vacation, she'll be able to sing at least one full Tagalog song.

To me [and to many other people I'm sure] music is a very important part of my day to day life. I may not sing everyday now because life's been quite busy, but I listen to music day in day out. Music makes my very boring job a wee bit interesting and tolerable. Every now and then, the little one would even ask if she can listen to music while she's doing some of her school work. Sometimes I say yes, sometimes I say no. It depends on what she's doing. If I know she can work while listening to music then I let her. If I notice she's singing more than working, then her music stops. She can always listen to it when she's not working anyway.


Ciela said…
Tama ka dyan Huling! Music may not like some people.. at isa ako dun! haha.. pero kahit na ayaw nya sa 'kin e nagpupumilit pa rin ako sa pagkanta. O di ba, typical na Pinoy talaga?!

Ini-imagine ko si E sa pagkanta na tagalog song. So cute sa pagka-slang! Pede ba maki-nood ulit ng video ni E when she sings her tagalog piece? Alam mo naman isa ako sa avid fan ni E!!

Weekend na naman! Yay! Have a great one Huling!

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