Window Shopper...

Everytime we go in a store, the little one really takes her time to check everything that fancies her. I do that sometimes but she does it ALL the time. It's fine by me when we're in a store because it's easier to watch her without really staying beside her. It's another story when we're in a mall where there are a lot of stores and stalls in and out of the stores. Last time we were at the mall, she stopped to check display on those Trade show display cases in the middle of the mall without letting us know. I kept walking in front of her thinking she was right behind me only to realize she was looking at some colorful display. She said they're "fancy" so she had to check them out. I don't really mind her looking at stuff on display, but when we're in a big place where she can easily get lost I'd rather she sticks to the plan. But she's a girl who likes to window shop. I guess I just have to tie her around my waist when we're in the mall. Ha!


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