Allergy Attack!

So what else is new, right? I can't even remember the last time I didn't have to take allergy medicines. Yep, I have to take the medicine daily, sometimes more than twice a day. My husband has already surrendered to the fact that I will forever be sniffling. Honestly, I've long surrendered to that fact myself. I just don't see my allergies going away. That is until a friend who went to see an austin tx allergy doctor told me that it is indeed possible to live allergy free. Just like me, she had her allergies way back when we were still teaching in the same school in the Philippines. She came here a few years before I did but it's only a few years ago that she decided to seek professional help for her allergies. I still have to learn more about what she had to do to be allergy free but I'm very excited just knowing that I may not have to live with allergies my entire life. Guess who's happier than me? Clue...I'm marriend to him. Ha!


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