A Bit Over the Top

What am I missing?

I know that a 1 year old's birthday is a milestone. So I get it that some parents go overboard sometimes when it comes to having a party for it. Balloons, plenty of foods, maybe a clown or two, games for the guests. I think those are acceptable. I even see some with themed party, etc. I don't know how much that would cost but I'm thinking it's somewhat affordable because I'm seeing it a lot [thank you FB!] in pictures anyway. What I don't get are the 'pre-birthday' photo ops. Why? They treat it like a pre-nup now?

I can understand one spending probably...a thousand dollars which is about 40K in Philippine money for the party itself but 100K PHP or more is just a way too over the top for me...for a 1-year old's birthday anyway. I don't know. Maybe I've just been away far too long and this is how it's done now. I'm not quite sure actually. But to be honest, I just don't see myself spending that much for a birthday party...for a 1 year old if I am in the Philippines. Maybe I'm too cheap but that's how I see it. As fragile as the economy is right now, one has to be responsible when it comes to spending his or her money...

Oh well...as they say: To Each His Own...I just hope those parents have some pretty solid investments for their one year old. They will definitely need it once that kid starts going to school already.

Venting is done!


Ciela said…
I agree 100% with your views Huling! Grabe naman, sino ba yang milyonarya na yan na nagtatapon ng pera para sa 1 yr old na walang kamuang-muang sa bonggang celebration ng bday nya?
Baka naman wala talagang mapaglagyan ng kayamanan kaya ganun! hehe.. pero to think na ang daming naghihirap sa mundo e, 'no?

Hay,ang sarap lang ng maging mayaman!! :))

Nandito pa rin, catching up with your posts..

Stay as beautiful as always!

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