That's me almost everyday of my life. Some days are worse than the others but just like my allergies, I have learned to just deal with it since it seems to be part of my system...yes, just like my allergies.

Anyway, it's been a 'semi-productive' day for me. "Semi" because I wasn't able to finish everything I wanted to get done. For one I wasn't able to walk on the Mobia today because I got caught up with paperworks ~ lireally because I was punching holes on them so I can put them on a binder. I'm pretty sure half of the papers are not important [blank forms, etc] but I don't have the time to go through the 'yard thick' papers we have accummulated. I tried to go through what I could and shredded them until I blew up a fuse so that's about. I still have a bunch of papers to go through and I'm hoping I'll finish them before the week is over...but that is unlikely. I can wish though, right?

It's almost the middle of the week again...and it's February already tomorrow. How time flies! Before we know it we'll be counting down days again for the holidays. Ooopss! Did I just say that? It's true though, right? Oh well...I guess we have to be thankful about it because it only means we're still alive....LOL!


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