Cold Snap

We're finally getting a break from a cold snap we've been having since earlier this week. The temperature dipped as low as in the teens in some areas. I think we had some 20s in our area for 2 or 3 days. All I know is it WAS a COLD there for a while. Our plants definitely felt it because most of them are looking pretty dry! Well, not really pretty. I think it's the end of our pretty looking garden for now. Hopefully they'll spring back to life in spring...LOL.

Other than the cold weather, nothing much is new around here. Work has stalled for the past several weeks now. It's usually the case during this time of the year. But like I said in some of my previous posts, a lot of my "colleagues" are on edge because of the slow down. I can't blame them because for some this job is their lifeline. I am hoping work picks up soon because I really feel bad for those who depend on this job to put food on their tables.

On a happier's TGIF! Yay! No plans for the weekend for us. I am hoping I'll be able to do some much needed 'winter cleaning' around the house. I wasn't able to do much of that during the husband's week off because we were out most of the time. I have to clear out our file cabinets to make room for more papers for this year.

That's basically it. Have a great weekend everyone!


Ciela said…
Hi Huling!
Inggit ako sa nice cold weather nyo dyan. We have chilly mornings here too, kahit once in a while lang!

Lie low muna sa work. It's break time for you. No worries coz you're blessed, although, many of your colleagues are badly affected. God willing, it will pick up soon!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

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