Cutting Corners...

Everytime I get a bill either in my email or online, I cringe before I even get the chance to open and read it. Let's face it, everything seems to be MORE expensive nowadays. This is the reason why we're thinking of either terminating some of the services we have like cable and just look for some other alternatives to watch our favorite shows. One service we can't do without though is electricity. So even if the rates go up, we have no choice but to accept it and just find ways to either cut back on our use of it or look for other ways to save on electric bills. I read somewhere that new jersey energy rates have gone down considerably for some by switching energy company. I just wish that's possible around here...but it's not because we only have one electric company that serves our area. Still, I'll try and find out if our electric company here offers some energy saving tips I can take advantage of. Paying hundreds of dollars a month for electricity is just outrageous.


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