Daddy's Girl

We only have a few days left before the end of this month. That means it won't be long and it's going to be Valentine's Day...aka 'Heart's Day'!Ha! We don't celebrate it here...but we acknowledge it. It's hard not to when you have an over excited little one who wants to observe every single occasion she can possibly coerce us into observing. So we try to somehow acknowledge it by giving each other something...a card or chocolate. Nothing extravagant.

When I was still teaching, Valentine's Day was a big thing to my students. They're pre-teens and teenagers so it's expected. Needless to say our admission office would usually be flooded with flowers because of all the deliveries on that day. Unlike today where one can order flowers online, which I think is very convenient, during that time the flowers needed to be ordered in person or by phone which were then delivered at our school. I've never ordered flowers online myself but the husband did that a few times when we were first married. He doesn't order flowers anymore, be it online or otherwise, because I asked him not to get me flowers for special occasions. Why? Let's just say for practical reasons.

This Valentine's Day, I have no idea [well I kinda' do] what he'll get me. The little one really loves pretty flowers. I may just ask the husband to get her some for a change this year. I'm sure she'll be thrilled to get some flowers from him especially on Valentine's Day. I'm just not sure if he will agree to do that. On second thought, he will probably do that knowing how much he likes to surprise his little girl. She is after all 'Daddy's Girl'!


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