A Doll House???

Yes, that's a question. I'm just wondering why our little one is so into this lately. I thought she's out grown these kinds of things already. Well, apparently not. Some days she's trying very hard to convince us that she's a 'grown-up' already. Some days it's the opposite. Is she having some sort of a mid-life crisis as a pre-teen? Is there such a thing? I cannot remember what I went through [nor do I want to remember honestly] when I was her age...so maybe there is such a thing.

Anyway, she made a 'black' print [blue print for the pros, LOL] of the house she wants to build with Dad. Dad just says okay everytime she brings it up. But Dad being Dad, he already started looking online for doll houses. I told him to make sure we can use the reward card we recently acquired to buy that doll house so we can start racking up points already. That's the only reason I agreed to get that reward card anyway...for the points. I don't really like using the plastic card when buying for something since the bill can go up without us really realizing it so I have to stay on top of it so that won't happen. Hopefully, the doll house we find won't be that pricey. I'm sure the little one will out grow this one faster than I can say....I told you!


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