Golden Boy

That's my oldest brother. I cannot believe he's turning 50 today...but he is. I called last night to wish him happy birthday. He was busy prepping the food for his 'golden birthday party' that he's throwing for his co-workers. He said he spent the whole night deboning milk fish for my favorite dish ~ rellenong bangus ~ or stuffed milk fish. Ugh! Just to rub it in, everytime I call they tell me that's what they're having so I'm getting kinda' used to it. Still, I cannot wait for the day when I get to eat that dish again. The real one and not the frozen one I get in the Philippine store every now and then.

Another weekend...and it's a bit cold around here. It won't be very cold but colder than the previous days. We've been having 80s here throughout the week but today it will only be in the low 70s so that's a good change...I guess. No big plans for us this weekend. I have to attend to something later on but that's about it. As usual, we'll take it one 'hour at a time'. Ha!


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