Guitar Tuner

These are our guitars. I got my guitar some ten years ago as my very first Christmas present from the husband while the little one got hers a couple of years ago. Hubby got me the guitar because he knows I used to have one back in the Philippines. He figured it would keep me entertained during the day when he was at work. It did for a few months...until we had the little one. After that, I could barely pick it up because I obviously got busy with some other things. I still play every now and then but it's very rare...which doesn't make the husband very happy because he really likes it when I play the guitar. I'm not very good at it, just good enough to actually accompany me sing a song or two.

SinceI don't play it regularly, it's usually out of tune when I pick it up to play it. That usually is a reason for me to put it back down again. I don't know how to tune a guitar properly. It's very frustrating to me because I should know how to do that since I play it...but I just never learned how to do it by ear. This is why I was ecstatic when hubby's friend told me that I can get a digital guitar tuner at a very cheap price. Believe it or not I didn't even know about it until he mentioned it to me. I looked for one as soon as I had the chance and I got the one that has the best reviews. Now I can just pick up my guitar and use my tuner if it's out of tune and I'm good to go. I just love this little gadget so much!


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