Horseback Riding Lessons....

Every now and then we see a couple of our neighbors ride their horses around here. We live close to them that's why they pass by our house whenever they are out riding. Everytime that happens, both the little one and I would run to the windows to watch them pass by our house. It's something we don't see everyday so it's rather exciting. The little one's evaluator also has 4 or 5 horses that she takes care of and it thrills her to no end whenever we come visit her evaluator if only to see the horses. I guess this is the reason why she's been asking if she can take some horseback riding lessons in the future. Hubby is very much willing to let her take lessons some day and I already started looking at some riding supplies like equestrian riding boots that she can use if and when she goes to horseback riding lessons.

Since I know next to nothing when it come to horseback riding and the things one needs to go on a horseback riding, I've been surfing online trying to find the things that our little one will need once she starts the lessons. I of course saw the different luc childeric products since it's one of the more famous brands when it comes to riding supplies. I even came across saddlery store case study while I was surfing. I am not really sure what I should be getting right now. Should I just get the basic riding needs like boots and pants or should I get everything? I'm not really sure if she will like it or not. If she likes it then great...but what if it turns out she really doesn't like horseback riding? What will I do with the stuff? I guess I'll wait until we're sure she'll even get on a horse. As it is right now, she's even scared to get on a bicycle. I cannot imagine how she'll fare if it she's on a 'live' a horse.


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