Partial Electrical Outage?

I decided to clean the back-up file cabinet by going through some old paperworks and decided to shred some papers we no longer need. In doing so I blew up a fuse causing partial electrical outage in the house. How did that happen? I guess I overused the paper shredder...not a guess actually. I really OVERUSED it! Toink!

I actually thought I broke the paper shredder at first because the green light on it just went off. I tried to mess with it a little bit until I gave up. Then the little one came to me saying that her clock probably needs new battery because it's off. Hmmm...that shouldn't be because it's plugged into the wall. That's when I realized there's a power outage. I automatically thought it's another outage in our area so I dialed our electric company to report it only to be told by an automated response that there's no power outage in our area. Huh?? I looked around and realized that only half of our house had an outage. Oooppssss....I blew up a fuse. Since McGyver's not home...McMommy has to step calling McGyver. was easy-peasy. He just told me to go to the box and reset it. All I had to do was to look for that one button that's not aligned with the others and re-align it. VOILA! Power's back on! I felt like a big man after that....fixing a blown up fuse. LOL...not much fixin' involved though, eh?


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