The Real Deal...

About 2 months ago, we decided to replace our elliptical machine with another fitness machine for the reasons I mentioned in my post below. The replacement we got is a lot more expensive than the elliptical BUT it would have been doubly expensive if the husband didn't come across a coupon that we were able to use to purchase it. He was so proud of himself for finding that coupon that he couldn't stop talking about it for days. He was telling everybody he knows about the great bargain he got because of that one 'big find'.

I for one also like finding great coupons especially for big ticket items. But there is one thing I am more proud of than stumbling upon hard to find coupons and that is stumbling upon a site that offers great items at a fraction of their retail prices with no strings codes to enter or criteria to meet except the FREE registration on the site if only to make the purchase process a breeze. Yep, there is such a site in existence and it's called nomorerack. A site that does not have any hidden agenda...only sought after items that are insanely low priced. Who needs coupons if you can actually buy some of the most sought after products with up to 60 - 90% off its original price, right?

So what does offer? Everything and anything your little heart’s desire...electronics, jewelry, it and you can probably find it there. I only came across this site a few weeks ago but I'm already liking what I'm seeing. I'm not only talking about the several great products they sell but other things as well like...FREE stuff! You read that right. Every member of nomorerack also has a chance to get some really cool stuff for free. Impossible? Not quite. It's for real. All you have to do is to refer friends to the site and start racking up points as you build your 'friendrack' list. The more friends you refer to the site, the more FREE products you can get. It can't get any simpler than that to get free stuff, can it?

So if you want to take advantage of these great deals, check every single day. And if you want to be one of the firsts to see what’s being offered for the day, be sure to be there at noon everyday [well, a little earlier than that maybe] because that’s when new products become ‘live’. Not only that, you can also avail of the insanity deals [like iPads, DLSR cameras, etc] if you’re lucky enough to catch them when they’re posted. Keeping my fingers crossed I'll be able to catch of those deals myself. Who knows, I may even top what the husband was able able to accomplish with our new fitness machine. Ha!

As soon as I'm done here I will be emailing everyone I know about this site and will ask them to give it a shot. What is there to lose, right? I really think nomorerack is the real deal as far as bargain hunting is concerned. Hopefully, I'll be able to gain enough friendrack to get something I've been wanting for quite a while now. It starts with an 'i' and ends with a 'd'. I can probably drop hints to hubby that I want it and he is sweet enough to get it for me I'm sure but getting it for free? Now that's a lot sweeter...


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