Skin Problems

Fortunately, I haven't had any serious skin problems myself. Except for the occasional pimples [Hello Aunt Flo!] and some skin irrations every now and then, my most serious skin problem is probably the one I get whenever I have to change earrings for long periods of time. There was a time I had to ask my doctor about it because it just wouldn't go away and my ear lobes were always sore. He recommended a cream and it cleared out only after a few uses. My grandson in the Philippines on the other hand is having some bad skin problems. His mom [my niece] sent me some pictures. I instantly felt bad for the little boy because the flaking and redness don't like comfortable at all. My sister-in-law tried every remedy she knows but nothing has worked as of yet. My niece said that it's starting to worry her so she asked me about natural seaweed body wash that she read about online. She tried to look for it locally but she couldn't find any local dealer so she asked me if I can get it here for her. Luckily I found it online and it looks very promising. I will probably buy it soon so I can send it right away. Hopefully it will do the trick and ease that little boy's skin problems.


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