One of my nieces finished a hotel and restaurant management course in college a few years ago. It was a surprise to me when she told me that's what she wanted to take. I thought she'd be a teacher or a nurse. But it turns out that she really wants to own a restaurant someday so that explains her choice of course. But life does not happen as we plan it to be. It just happens...and that's what happened to her. She got married, then had a baby. Her plans of working then saving got pushed on the side to take care of her growing family. She is now back in the work force in order to help her husband sustain the family needs.

Her son stays with my sister in law while she works during the week. She only gets to take care of him during the weekend. Her plans of owning a restaurant one day is still in the back of her mind. It may not happen anytime soon but I'm glad she's not giving up on it. That much needed start-up funding is what she needs to make this dream a reality and I just wish they have some kind of a restaurant funding program back home so she can take advantage of it. Unfortunately, that is something that's never been heard of out there so she cannot expect any kind of funding from any program. She said that her husband has been buying lottery tickets hoping to hit it big one day. Yeah right!


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